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Every day is an exploration of what we can be, and what resonates with who we truly are. After being sick for almost two years, physical health is a number one priority. Without it, nothing can happen. I remain open to all types of healing and have experienced several amazing practices. One of these remarkable experiences is healing with sound. My mentor, Lee Veal introduced me to the art, and has offered to bring it to Shawnee, KS for the full moon.

If this sounds a little crazy, it’s probably a perfect fit for you, as your curiosity is inevitably peeked.

It’s an opportunity to soften into bliss…

Gong Tribe is dedicated to the healing potential of sound. Using gongs, Tibetan bowls, bells, tinksha and mantra, Sonic Immersion creates a sound environment that allows each person’s natural in healing capacity to be given full expression. Sonic Immersion allows one to experience an ocean of sound and follow the melodies of harmonics through the inner dimensions of your consciousness.

The sonic vibrations stimulate and resonate all cells in the human body simultaneously toning down the sympathetic nervous and re calibrating the parasympathetic nervous system. Gongs are useful in resolving emotional and physical dissonance. Magic happens when there is no separation between the gong, the player and the listener. Gongs are instruments that mediate the form and formless, finite and infinite. Playing and listening to gongs is about spiritual, physical and emotional resolution. The Gong is a psycho-acoustic gateway to heightened states of awareness and relaxation.

Event, Sunday May 19th 7:30pm-8:30pm private sessions available at 7:00
12401 Johnson Drive, Shawnee, KS 66216

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