Cooking Class

Ladies this one is for you. During Women’s Health Month, we sought out a few of our favorite women partners in the culinary world to help us create a kick butt cooking class. First, it is so difficult to choose a diet which is perfect for you, so why not become a you-a-tarian? ( You-a-tarian: using your own innate wisdom to make choices to nourish your body with the appropriate food at that particular time.) We were born with an amazing wisdom. Along the way, we have believed weird things others have said, or maybe tried to cram us into a box or stereotype…this is the class we throw all that out. This is the class we have fun again with food, cooking and celebrate our bodies, and all the possibilities of what is to come.

We are having steak, salmon, beautiful vegetables and dessert! All the recipes will be geared towards our bodies and we are going to have a blast. Speaking of having fun, the reason, I chose the sponsors this month, is they are fun passionate women as well. Meet, Sara Shivers from Salt Creek Meats and Haley Drake, the lead horticulturalist of Powell Gardens.

Salt Creek Meats

Sara Shivers is a ranchers daughter and decided it was her turn to take over the family business.

Jay and Sara are 3rd generation farmers on her family’s Kansas farm. While chasing cows, kids, and chickens, we decided to chase the dream of providing pasture to plate beef to you. We are raising our two girls, Stella (4) and Margot (1) on the beautiful tall grass prairie.

Sara’s family came to Kansas in the 1800’s with her grandfather settling in the southern Flint Hills in the 1950’s. Since then, her family has grown the farm. We hope to continue to invest in and improve the land to be able to pass on this beautiful opportunity to our girls.

Powell Gardens

Haley Drake of Powell Gardens is the lead horticulturalist and oversees the Heartland Harvest Garden. This year, she is working with chefs and other entrepreneurs to grow specific plants for them to create recipes signature for their business.

Powell Gardens is a not-for-profit botanical garden located just east of Kansas City, Missouri. Our mission: to be an experience that embraces the Midwest’s spirit of place and inspires an appreciation for the importance of plants in our lives.

Set on 970 acres of lush, rolling hills and windswept meadows, Powell Gardens offers breathtaking display gardens, interesting architecture, a nature trail and a year-round calendar of special events and classes for the entire family.

The Gardens receive support from foundations, corporations, individuals, the Friends of Powell Gardens and income generated through admissions, gift shop sales and rentals. For more information, see our profile at DonorEdge.

Powell Gardens is known for its spectacular garden displays incorporating native plantings and the Heartland Harvest Garden, the nation’s largest edible landscape.

Powell Gardens also is known for its contemporary architecture by the architectural firm originally established by Fay Jones, now Maurice Jennings Architects. The Gardens can be rented for weddings, receptions, ceremonies and other private events.

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